Photo by Peggy Harrison

Artist's Statement

My work examines formal structures in order to discover an animated interior. Through painting, book art, photography, and installation, it seeks to excavate recognized systems—a man’s suit, the alphabet, cultural objects and personas—fracturing them to dislocate meaning, set them free or render them slack.

These encounters began with an early interest in the relationship between text and the calligraphic line. Later, in a series of glass and wood constructed paintings, Regions of the Will, the strict authority of written forms give way to the physicality of line, which when cut loose, tells a purely kinetic story. These faceted works led me to making books and collaborating with others—past, present, and imaginary.

Mapping the Dark: A Museum of Ambient Disorders is a five-year gallery-as-book project mining the interior lives of ten imagined characters each of whom forges a precious object as a visual response to his or her condition. Their private mark becomes a tool with which to stabilize, suppress, or activate an inner state.

Men in Suits: A Day on the Hill is an investigation through snapshots furtively captured during an outing on Capitol Hill. These enlarged images form the basis for a sequence of composite panels that track and collapse power structures in Washington DC, exposing failures of will that bring on tragic compromise.

Recent paintings began with an examination of wires under our desks and evolved into a parable of 12 figurative oil paintings called Tablet & Cloud: Pilgrims in Cyberspace.