2024 exhibition, McGuffy Art Center, Virginia

The paintings in this series, Counting the Days, begin with random marks and a loaded brush. Out of these forms, human shapes begin to assert themselves through constant drawing and redrawing. Finally, a mood or quality emerges. In these paintings, figures seem to be drawing breath in an atmosphere of 

uneasy calm, as if they were counting the days, inching along toward a fatal edge. This foreboding tracks with a mood in our culture. And yet, these pensive faces and postures of repose also suggest an inner quiet – a fertile quiet that might with time reanimate us.

We have No Plans But We Have Plans to Have Plans in the Future, 24x30

We have No Plans But We Have Plans to Have Plans in the Future

24″ x 30″
Housebound, 24x24


24” x 24”
Soul Craft

Soul Craft

24” x 30”
Ad Astra, 18x24

Ad Astra

18″ x 24″
Avatar, 24x18


24″ x 18″
Catch, 24x24


24″ x 24″
Maker, 14x14


14″ x 14″
2 Dog Years, 14x14

Dog Years

14” x 14”
Out Beyond the Hedgerows, 30x40

Out Beyond the Hedgerows

30” x 40”
Vigil, 30x40


30” x 40”
Mars v. Jupiter, 24x30

Mars v. Jupiter

24” x 30”
Time Flows Downhill, 24x18

Time Flows Downhill

24″ x 18″
Bar Scene, 12x12

Bar Scene

12″ x 12″
Portrait, 12x12


12″ x 12″
Stopping by Woods, 24x18

Stopping by Woods

24″ x 18″
Blue Line Strobe 30x40

Blue Line Strobe

30” x 40”
The Arrival, 14x14

The Arrival

14” x 14”
Waiting Room, 18x24

Waiting Room

18” x 24”
Sitting Their Going, 14x14

Sitting Their Going

14″ x 14″
Biding Time, 14x14

Biding Time

14″ x 14″
Life Boat, 24x24

Life Boat

24″ x 24″
Stay the Hand, 12x12

Stay the Hand

12″ x 12″