2019 solo exhibition, Chroma Projects Gallery, Virginia

Once there was a moment in time when a new set of tools launched humans into the digital age. Large scale events don’t have precise beginnings, but it seemed the world suddenly flipped itself over and began a new day. No pause to consider the tentacles it would sprout. There was no discovery of fire’ moment to provoke a startle response in the innocent recruits. They set out across this new frontier, faces aglow, hands diverted from human touch. Faces stopped meeting across the counter; one left suspended and the other now fastened to the screen. 

Seekers and pilgrims in those early years, they began to replicate a triple-decker universe.

Rosamond Casey-Tablet & Cloud-Open Book on Table

Limited edition artists’ book containing all the images from Tablet & Cloud. Contact the artist.

The tangled, dark understory of their command centers lay hidden beneath the earthbound affairs of the desk’s surface. And high above for them to contemplate was the invisible, unfathomable ‘cloud’. Snaking down the walls into the slant-lit stage beneath their desks as if scripted for a dramatic ending, a frenetic tangle of wires made its way to the power source. The people were now fettered to its rules.

Tabula Sacra

30” x 32” oil on canvas

The Butterfly Effect

20” x 24” oil on canvas

Untitled 1

24” x 24” oil on canvas

See Things in Pitch

24” x 20” oil on canvas

Untitled 3

18” x 14” oil on canvas


30” x 26” oil on canvas


20” x 24” oil on canvas

Untitled 2

24” x 24” oil on canvas

Ace Goes Digital

28” x 30” oil on canvas

Crafty Serpents

20” x 24” oil on canvas

Madonna & Child

33” x 30” oil on canvas – SOLD

Slough of Despond

17” x 14” oil on masonite
The Book: In Those Days There Was No River Here

Click the image to download a sample of the book: In Those Days There Was No River Here.