Catch the Baby

Catch the Baby is a fun game created by Rosamond Casey that teaches us how to talk to each other face to face, a skill we are losing in this age of screen chatting. This is a completely non-threatening game that allows each player to interpret a set of images in relation to their shared experience and then to assign colored stones to each cards to a grouping of thoughts and feelings associated with the remembered experience. It offers a light-hearted, indirect approach toward relational dynamics, while providing the structure and enjoyment of a board game.

This video was produced by Diane Bloom.

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Mapping the Dark

Mapping the Dark: A Museum of Ambient Disorders is a traveling art exhibition originating in Charlottesville, Virginia. The installation was conceived and created by the artist, Rosamond Casey, as a collaboration with ten fictional characters who are compelled by circumstances to make objects. These artifacts contain a direct imprint of a private sorrow, longing, loss or fear. In 2011 the work was interpreted as a play and produced at Live Arts Theater, directed by Fran Smith. The music was composed by Joe Adkins for this performance. This YouTube piece is a compilation of images from both the play and the installation which was simultaneously displayed in the lobby of the theater.

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