By Rosamond Casey

66 pages with over 30 color images of Casey’s work since 2015 including notes on artmaking, a reference
to her abstract work, as well as an essay by writer/artist Andrea Ponsi. $25 plus shipping and handling.

Conceived as a storybook parable that looks backward from the future at the last several decades while projecting forward into an uncertain landscape. The paintings tell the story, but the simple cadence of the text retells our recent history as if it were a distant memory.

Book can be purchased from the artist.

Click here to download a sample of the book.

Read Andrea Ponsi’s essay from the book.


Book: In Those Days There Was No River Here

“Long ago there was a moment in time when a new set of tools launched humans into the digital age… it seemed the world suddenly flipped itself over and began a new day. No pause to consider the tentacles it would sprout.

“They were living now in a time when there was no choice but to fix what was broken.

“Every new day they were reminded why their bodies were built this way, and that they must reconfigure themselves in broken cities and unfamiliar watery landscapes. 

“They became immersed in new capacities and interior spaces. In those silent places they would find out what they were made of – and a fertile quiet would descend upon them all.”